Friday, January 9, 2009

Video on a Shoestring

Anyone looking to make good quality video without having to run into big dollars might take a look at the work of Cesar Kuriyama who produced/directed the clip "Long Gone" for Fat City Reprise.....................All the footage was shot on a Nikon D200 DSLR.

45,00 stills later, a mac laptop, iphoto (to organise stills), Eyeon Fusion (for the look) and Final Cut (editing); Kuriyama had a work that broke all the rules for video production.

Get the directors own take at

Clicking on the image for the video takes you to a new page where you can read all the specs, watch the clip (again if you wish) and afterwards scroll down to a nice posting by Hunter S Thompson.

And further down for the tech heads a nice bit of enlightenment from Kuriyama in a reply to a post by Thomas Fransden.

If you have the time have a look at "What Else is There?" and "Khoda". Links are provided under 'recent activity' .

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