Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brian Eno - 77 Million Paintings

77 Million Paintings project by Brian Eno has been around for some years now and is still attracting significant attention primarily due to the way it subverts the notion of a singular art work. This instead is a work that perpetually grows and gives the viewer a rare visual and aural experience. About it's inception Eno says..

“I walked passed a rather posh house in my area with a great big huge screen on the wall and a dinner party going on,” he says. “The screen on the wall was black because nobody’s going to watch television when they’re having a dinner party. Here we have this wonderful, fantastic opportunity for having something really beautiful going on, but instead there’s just a big dead black hole on the wall. That was when I determined that I was somehow going to occupy that piece of territory.”

This edited video opens some interesting areas for discussion about the nature of art experience and the relationship of the audience to the repeatable experience of singular artworks.

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