Monday, February 16, 2009


A new section has been added to the links bar on the right that provides access to the websites of most of the copyright information providers in Australia. This should be particularly useful for teachers of students preparing bodies of work for the HSC/Visual Arts where students are considering using copyright protected soundtracks to accompany film/video or animation, or where students might consider appropriating segments from copyrighted video or clips from the internet. Whilst copyright issues do not affect HSC Visual Art assessment as such, once a submitted video work reaches preselection, awareness of issues surrounding copyright clearance become important. If a work in that media is selected for exhibition, the Board of Studies require copyright clearance before the work can be placed in the public arena. Know also, that if your student's film/video work is selected for ArtExpress you will need to have a copy of the work printed to mini-dv tape, so source out soon how you/they are; or who is, going to do that. For mac users iMovie HD can print to tape, but iMovie o8 and iMovie 09 do not have the capability. Final Cut Express HD has the capability but it's a hit and miss affair as to whether it works. Final Cut Studio is fine and so is Sony Vegas Pro 8. There are apparently problems with Adobe Premier Pro and OHCI compliant IEEE1349 drivers? Problems have been reported when using proprietry firewire drivers with Premier such as those supplied by Texas Instruments. If you know of any others post a reply.

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